Canberra Artist and Creators Spotlight | Natassja Stamp

We continue our ongoing series to spotlight local Canberra Artists and creators. We asked Artist, business owner and all round badass Natassja Stamp some questions about who she is and what she does.

CGM – Who are you and what do you do?

NS – Heyo, I’m Natassja and I am a freelance artist who owns and runs Gallifreyan Pendants alongside Judith.

CGM – Why do you do what you do?

NS – I started Gallifreyan Pendants to combine my love of fictitious languages and craft, with a side of need for some way people with weird names can get their names on something. As for my art… It passes the time and people seem to like it?

CGM – What art (style or artist) do you most identify with?

NS – When it comes to art my style is a flat 2d style similar to that of Steven Universe and Star vs the forces of Evil however I am trying to further my art to be more anatomically correct and lineless.

CGM – What’s your favourite artwork? Or What is your dream project?

NS – My favourite drawing… hmm, that would probably an image of my friends OCs Sam and Luna in Dia de los Mueretos outfits.

CGM – What memorable responses have you had to your work?

NS – I’ve had a tonne of negative ones that are memorable, but my favourite is one of my followers decided to notify me of art theft as someone had reposted my art claiming as their own, the reposter… was my other account 😅 it was still very sweet of them to notify me of it though.

CGM – Should art be funded? What role does arts funding have?

NS – Should art be funded? Uh yes, what a stupid question of course it should. Art and design form a lot of things around you, from logos and labels to posters and paintings. These all have to come from somewhere and the amount of thought and time that goes into it, of course it should be funded.

CGM – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

NS – best peice of advice… not to undersell my work, I tended to charge below minimum wage knowing I really shouldnt, now that I have taken to freelance work, I have learnt that what I feel I should charge vs what I should legally are two different things.

CGM – Shop. Canberra Geek Markets is all about local artist and vendors, where can people buy your stuff?

NS – Gallifreyan Pendants has an Etsy and Facebook page, either work as I am happy to take orders over facebook messenger. As for art, my main presence is on Instagram, you may ask about commissions there or other details as I haven’t yet set up a proper website for my art yet. I also have a Redbubble too.

CGM – Play. Canberra Geek Markets is all about fun! What superpower would you have and why?

Superpower, well I have a Miraculsona and she has claws that can destroy anything but in reality it’s just a knock off Cataclysm.

CGM – Geek. What do you, geek out about?

Animated shows and movies, I just adore the styles and work that goes into them, just finished 3 different animes in the last 3 days… lol, which is honestly is a lot less than if I wasn’t watching Naruto in between shows.