Canberra Artist and Creators Spotlight | Tim Stiles

As an ongoing series we want to spotlight local Canberra Artists and creators. We Asked comic book writer Tim Stiles ten(ish) questions about who he is and what he does.

CGM – Who are you and what do you do? 

TS – I’m Big Tim Stiles; currently, I’m a comic book writer who collaborates with Ahmed Raafat, an Egyptian artist in London, on a comic book called GORILLA MY DREAMS. I also sing in a band, do a podcast about Ninja Turtles, and have been an actor for over twenty years.

CGM – Why do you do what you do? 

TS – I’ve always been a storyteller. Every aspect of my life involves storytelling. All aspects of my artistic life are about storytelling; acting, singing, writing. I just love to tell stories.

CGM – What art (style or artist) do you most identify with? 

TS – Underground, independent, black and white comic books. I love the DIY Punk Rock-edness of the people who take the initiative and make their own comics.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

CGM – What’s your favourite artwork? Or What is your dream project? 

TS – I love working on GORILLA MY DREAMS. I would be so happy if that alone was enough to pay my bills. But having said that, I have bigger dreams too: 1. I would love to see GORILLA MY DREAMS as a TV show or film. I think it would be great. 2. I would love to write BLUE DEVIL for DC Comics or GHOST RIDER for Marvel.

CGM – What memorable responses have you had to your work? 

TS – I’ve won awards for my acting, singing, and comics. But nothing gives me a buzz like people telling me they like my comic. Especially when it’s from people I respect, other creators who are making quality art.

CGM – Should art be funded? What role does arts funding have? 

TS – Yes and No. Artists need to be paid for their work. Art should be as respected as trade as anything else. But once you have some government or corporation overseeing art, and paying for it to be made, you run the risk of being told what you can or can’t do. This is why I love the creativity behind independent comics, and especially the punk-rock attitude of black and white independent comics. But some artists are happy to be paid and instructed what to do. If Marvel came to me and said they wanted me to write Captain America, I’d be happy to take the paycheque and write what they needed me to.

CGM – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

TS – “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

CGM – Shop. Canberra Geek Markets is all about local artist and vendors, where can people buy your stuff? 

TS – Primarily my web store: but the local comic shops in Canberra (Impact Comics and Dee’s Comics) also stock my comics.

CGM – Play. Canberra Geek Markets is all about fun! What superpower would you have and why? 

TS – Funny, my daughter just asked me that yesterday. I’d want super toughness. Not super strength like Hulk or Superman. I wish my body wouldn’t break. Like Bruce Willis on Unbreakable. Just that I could be hit by a car or fall off the roof and my bones and skin wouldn’t break.

CGM – Geek. What do you, geek out about? 

TS – As I said above, I love Ninja Turtles, I podcast about Ninja Turtles, I’ve loved them since I was a kid and love them still. But my favourite comic book is Hellboy. I completely love everything about him and I adore all five movies based on him. 

CGM – Extra Question. Where can people find you on the Social Medias?


Twitter: or