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Meet movie stars straight from Hollywood, cartoonists from Marvel and DC, awesome gamers, digital creators, sharp writers and skilled cosplayers! 

Every year, we invite current guests in several areas who participate in question panels, workshops, panel discussions, Meet & Greets and much more. Immortalize the meeting with our specially invited guests by taking a picture together, or get an autograph. Visit the guest’s profile for more info on question panels and photo opportunities.


Invisible Ink Studio / Daniel A Becker

Daniel A Becker is a master of the pen, with his deft linework illustrating comics ranging from historical crowds and battles in the Trial of Socrates to cutting edge science fiction in Tin Suits.
Come along and meet Daniel and see what he’s working on now.
You can see more of Daniel’s work at: invisible-ink-studio.com

Shane W Smith

Shane W Smith is a Canberra based graphic novelist and scripturient.
Shane’s work spans epic fantasy like his latest TRIUMVERATUS to his domestic family based hearfelt zombie comedy UNDAD. His books have been shortlisted for awards a total of six times!
Shane has a Bachelor degree in Creative Writing, and might be the only person in the world to get a comic published in a refereed academic journal.
Find out more about Shane at: shanewsmith.com

Ryan K Lindsay

Ryan K Lindsay is an award-winning comic book writer. He has written for numerous publications like Dark Horse Comics, Black Mask Studios, Vertigo, IDW, ComixTribe, and also self-publishes on the side.

Jin Chan Yum Wai

Jin Chan Yum Wai is an international mangaka and video game designer with work including cult favourite Canberra based High School Romance, and Xero: King of Thieves

Stalk Jin at his official website: jinchanyumwai.com

Big Tim's Funny Books / TIM STILES

Big Tim Stiles is one of the funniest comics writers (and podcaster, actor, comedian, singer…) you’ve ever read… What? you haven’t read his comics?

Come on! A talking Gorilla in a superhero costume investigating dead mimes? What more do you need?
Go nuts for Tim here: bigtimsfunnybooks.bigcartel.com

Halftone Productions / Kieran JACK

Halftone Productions is an independent Australian publishing company, known for the hit comics series, The Talking Bread. Since then it has gone on to publish many other titles. Including In Purgatory, Super RBA, The Apparition and more.

We also publish artwork, games and podcasts on our ever-growing catalogue.



Geoffrey McFarlane, who is known in the cosplaying community as MacAttackCosplay, is a Goulburn based cosplayer growing renowned.

He has been a lifelong fan of video games, Anime, Tokusatsu live-action film/television drama, Wrestling, card games and other beloved aspects of pop culture. 

As a member of many fan communities, Geoff has been attending cons and cosplaying since June of 2015  and has completed over half a dozen cosplays in that time. 

While many people cosplay for their own enjoyment, Geoff loves taking on roles that benefit those in need. Not limiting himself to dressing the part, Geoff actively engaged with a number of card and video game communities, with a special love for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. 

Geoff aspires to be a part of panels and a guest at other local conventions and to continue working with charities. Cosplay has been an incredible journey for Geoff that he hopes to share with countless fans in this wonderful range of passions and hobbies.

Follow MacAttackCosplay where Geoff chronicles his incredible journey as a cosplayer.

Canberra Spider-man

Canberra with ‘Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility’ Did you meet the Friendly Neighbourhood Canberra Spider-man at Geek Markets on the weekend? 
Canberra Spider-Man is an entertainer and is specially trained to make your party or event a swinging success. Canberra Spider-Man strives to bring a bit of superhero magic and children’s entertainment attainable for everyone, so your child can look back and remember how special they felt on that day, meeting a real-life superhero.
So if you’re looking for a real-life superhero to make your kids party a swinging success, contact your Friendly Neighbourhood Canberra Spider-Man!






We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, The Ngunnawal People, as it is upon their ancestral lands that the Geek Markets Canberra is held. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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