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There has been a growth in the demand for access to anime, gaming merchandise, street fashion and general popular culture in Canberra over the past decade; fringe trends have gone mainstream. 


Fans of films, series, comics, gaming, esports, cosplay and merchandise come to this event to experience the unique atmosphere and have lots of fun while sharing their fandoms.  


Due to Canberra’s smaller population and geographical location it’s citizens are limited in their access to popular culture merchandise.


We aim to allow each individual to craft their space to what suits them and their commercial needs. Each vendor will be allocated a space in our traders area, and within that space purchased items can be setup according to each vendor’s requirements. 


Branding, visibility & product activation: Are you mainly looking to bring your company, brand or product to the attention of a large audience? Depending on the industry in which you are active, you can participate in Canberra Geek Markets.




Canberra has the fastest economic growth of all states and territories and one of the most secure economies in Australia.



We’re a young, vibrant and thriving city. More residents of Canberra (46%) are aged between 20–50 years than in Australia overall (41%). 



There’s the excitement and advantages of city living, without the traffic, pollution, stress and day-to-day challenges. This is a highly accessible and practical place to call home. 



Canberra residents boast the highest average income for Australia ($85,545 per annum) and have the fastest growing average wage.




*Canberra named world’s 3rd best city to visit in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018.

Prices & Options

Canberra Geek Market offers a range of potential vendor setups for you to maximise your presence and selling potential at our event. These packages do not differ on what kind of vendor you are; from a sole artist to a local business to a national enterprise. We aim to allow each individual to craft their space to what suits them and their commercial needs. 

$ 170.00
  • Table Spaces
  • 1 x 1.8 x 0.75 Meter Table
  • 2x Chairs
  • -----------------------
  • Exhibition Space Only
  • 2 x 2 m2 Space
  • Must be custom designed and/or externally developed displays
  • Furniture, Power & Lighting ordered as required
$ 200.00
  • Table Spaces
  • 2 x 1.8 x 0.75 Meter Tables
  • 2x Chairs
  • -----------------------
  • Exhibition Space Only
  • 3 x 3 m2 Space
  • Must be custom designed and/or externally developed displays
  • Furniture, Power & Lighting ordered as required
$ 270.00
  • Table Spaces
  • 6 x 1.8 x 0.75 Meter Tables
  • 2x Chairs
  • -----------------------
  • Exhibition Space Only
  • 4 x 4 m2 Space
  • Must be custom designed and/or externally developed displays
  • Furniture, Power & Lighting ordered as required



Interested in becoming an exhibitor or would you like to receive more information? Please fill in this form and we will contact you soon.



Reach your target audience by advertising onsite and / or online. Please contact us and let us know that you are interested in advertising.


Most frequent questions and answers

Before applying you MUST also read our Terms & Conditions page, which contains our fine print and essential reading. Don’t try to fill out the application form without reading it – that would just be plain silly!

The Canberra Geek Markets run from 10m until 5pm on the Saturday or Sunday of the event. The Christmas market has an extra day, with evening trading from 6pm until 9pm on the Friday. Both days, and in the case of the Christmas market, attending all days, are mandatory.

You sure can! We have a section on our form where you can request to be near a friend or someone you work well with at other markets, have a wall or be in natural light etc. It never hurts to ask and we will always try to accommodate any requests we can. Please note it’s not a given and, against popular belief, we can’t please everyone.

We start looking at stallholders who want to attend the next event as soon as responses start to come in. This can be a very big job. Offers are sent by email the following week with links to payment.

After payment is made for your stall, NO refunds are given. There are no transfers or rollover of credit for the next market date. Written notification of non-attendance of an allocated market is required. Please contact us ASAP if for some reason you cannot attend. Please do not apply for the market if you cannot afford to pay your invoice. We do understand that emergencies happen and take each cancellation on its merit. Simply changing your mind is not an option.


First, you fill out the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM.

Once you have submitted this form, you will hear back from us within 5-10 business days to tell you whether you have been approved.

Once approved, you will be put on our mailing lists and an email APPLICATION will be sent out to you prior each event to ask whether you want to attend. You will have a week to respond. If you do want to attend, you will be considered for that event. Don’t forget that we only have LIMITED stalls at each event, so being a stallholder doesn’t guarantee you a place. We carefully curate our range of products so sometimes, you might miss out. In this case, you will be put on a waitlist and we will notify you if a space becomes available.

If you decide not to attend the next event, or are placed on the waitlist, we will still email you when the time comes to open the following one. Please note that if you don’t attend any markets for 12 months, we will take your name off our approved stallholder list and you will have to register to be approved again.

You must be covered by a policy, and we will require evidence that it is current. You will need min $10Million public Liability Insurance in your business’s name.

You can request a corner space (for an additional cost).

These are limited and we cannot offer everyone who asks – sorry but we do try to spread the love though!

Yes you sure will, that’s how we roll. Everyone who says they want to attend the event receives a response. Make sure you have Canberra Geek Markets in your address book so emails don’t go astray. We wouldn’t want you to miss our response. Please check your spam folder and then email us if you did not hear back from us.

Why YES we do mind. You pay a lot of money to be at Canberra Geek Markets, why would you not make the most of every minute of it? This is never a good look and we will ask you to get up and smile, take your name and probably not ask you to come back. Just saying…

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